IKinema now available in UE4 for $19,99/month for movie like procedural animation

Hi Adik, Yes - it is interesting how to define a “full application”. Thousands of man-hours of work invested in IKinema I would count as a “full application”… It is worth mentioning that our AAA partners are paying $30K+ US for a single platform for the same technology and integration :).

This is a good question :). darthviper107 have just gave a very good description! We don’t offer animations and we don’t have a library. We use your animation(s) and via
a runtime rig, designed with IKinema on your character, we allow you to procedurally modify this animation. Take for example a baseball game. You can have a single
swing animation and if you apply a rig you can use a single animation to hit a ball coming from a wide range of angles and directions (we are worknig on this behaviour to add to the
examples). More traditional tasks involve locomotion, aiming, look-at, etc.

I hope this clarifies it :slight_smile:

Honesty - This sounds like a very worth while subscription :slight_smile:

hey alex, got a couple questions for you, first have no problem with your costs if it does what we need, how well does your product work with bringing in models from lets say daz3d and then into unreal engine ? i can see by countless youtube videos by truebones your product being used online and then exported out, then imported back into unity, so curious in idiot proof terms what exactly does the plugin bring to the table in unreal 4, not an animator at all so looking at the easiest approach that gets good looking results the quickest, i know thats not asking a lot, lol. thanks in advance for any help.

With “PC only”, do you mean it compile to Windows/Linux/Mac? Or only windows?!
Anything Windows only is not interesting to me.

Hi lecus, good to hear from you;
We have just release an update to WebAnimate that has export option “UnrealEngine”. Essentially any animation/character exported from WebAnimate will load OK in UE4. For Daz, the pipeline would be:

  1. import to WebAnimate
  2. export as FBX - load to UE4
  3. apply animation to teh same character in WebAnimate, possibly retargeting, mocap etc
  4. export teh animation only to Unreal and add as an asset

The plugin in unreal is a layer on top - allowing you to “animate” in real-time during game play. So essentially the controls that you move in WebAnmate you can move in the game based on some logic.

that’s gets us going the correct direction at least, i assume that webanimate does not rig and skin for you ? not sure if daz does that automatically or not, if not how bout using mixamo or similar, terrified of rigging and skinning this early on, would much rather pay for a service. ive seen a lot of demos on youtube with truebones using your products so assuming their animations will play well with you guys as well ? sorry for all the questions just getting close to pulling the trigger on several purchases and subscriptions and wanting to make sure they are what we want in the end. thanks again appreciate the support.

Hi there,
At the moment the PC port is Windows, however we have IKinema available for MAC and Linux, Modo for example is driven by IKinema engine and used on the 3 platforms.
We will release MAC and Linux as well as iOS and Android shortly - just WebAnimate is being ported to MAC and this is delaying the process.

Hi, skinning is not a part of the current features of WebAnimnate but is on the roadmap. The next feature that we are bringing in is key edditing and a graph editor.

Hi Alex,

Just checked your ikinema website and I saw an option to have your IK engine running off line (soon). Is it possible to tell more about it? I’m interested to have that option as more often than not it’s very hard to finish a project within the subscription period.



Hi, Maybe you are referring to the option to have WebAnimate off-line? WebANimate will be available for off-line use, the subscription period is for 1 month, so you have the option to extend if a month is not enough. Thanks

Hi All,
Just to let you know that the 4.1 compatible version of IKinema tools is available. For all subscribers, please download the latest from WebAnimate.
Thanks for supporting

bought the subscription last night after playing around with webanimate to retarget some animations onto a few procedurally created rigs i made, very easy and will use in our pipeline from this point on, hoping to see more tutorials about using this product, have not used the ue4 plugin yet, really no need to so far, by the way has some really good youtube tutorials which were simple enough even i could make it work if anyone else is having issues.

Will it Blend? I am new to some of this so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. Have you guys tested this with Blender and if so how well dose it work with Blender if at all?

sorry can’t help you there, have never even seen blender opened. pretty sure though it can take in objs and fbx files so should be able, check out ikinemas website though, remember im talking about webanimate, not the actual plugin.

Can I use “IKinema Action for Maya” to export rig to use in UE4? Or I still need WebAnimate for that?

Hi Nate, We do have rig export from Action for Maya but this is typically provided as a part of a package on a different pricing point together with the runtime tools.

Hi guys,
we are adding a series of tutorials on using IKinema RunTime and building animation behaviours for UE4, [for example this one](IKINEMA to a new target).
Where do you want to see these? On our forum, here, or as a new Thread?

I would make a new thread in the Tutorials section and add your videos as you release them. There’s a lot of different conversations going on in this thread - your tutorials might get lost here.

Did you guys fully follow Epic step regarding licensing and also provide full source? :slight_smile: