IES profile not working

I’ve migrated a project from 4.15 to 4.16 and my IES profiles don’t seem to be working. They just get really blown out. Is this a 4.16 bug or something i’m doing wrong?

So looking into it some more, it looks like forward rendering was the issue. If I turn it off i get the correct ies effect. So i’ll have to forgo ies profiled lights in favor of forward rendering (it’s a VR game). Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello paynter3D

Did you try to rebuild your lighting? Did you check your post process effects, or are you using right camera…?
If you send us a screenshot we can take a look to solve your problem.

Also tone mapper in 4.16 is changed maybe related with this thread Emissive color changed in 4.16? - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums.



I have the exact same problem with the IES Light Profiles with Forward Rendering in 4.16. They actually don’t work. Are they supposed to work with Forward Rendering?

Cheers and any help will be appreciated

Hi, Guys. I’m also having the same trouble with .ies files. They basically change my point light into a generic spot light, but when I put the .ies files of IESViewer or Relux (light simulation program) they display a different profile than on Unreal. It would appear as though the detail is severely hampered which is probably caused by some sort of setting. Please help.