I want to reduce the size of the Level

I am Japanese.

The English it has translated by machine translation.

I’m in trouble because the size of the level is big.

There are level data of 100MB now.

It became 136MB when I did the Android_ATC output.

I put DirectionalLight(Mobility:Stationary) within a level.

The details I know are so.

Level … 100MB

  • Lightmap … 35.3MB
  • Shadowmap … 24.0MB
  • SkyOcclusion … 17.0MB

Stationary → Static test change.

Level is 93.28MB

Android_ATC By output Leve 40.15MB

Level … 93.28MB

  • Lightmap … 35.3MB
  • Shadowmap … 0.0MB
  • SkyOcclusion … 17.0MB

Test level preparation.

I put simple Static mesh.

I put DirectionalLight(Mobility:Stationary).

Level is 7.16MB

Android_ATC By output Leve 7.01MB

Level … 7.16MB

  • Lightmap … 2.0MB
  • Shadowmap … 1.0MB
  • SkyOcclusion … 0.98MB

A level includes Lightmap, Shadowmap, SkyOcclusion.

What kind of data are included other than it?

What should the optimization do?

Hi you_inoue,

Due to the large volume of questions and comments concerning the Engine, we did not have a chance to respond to your post at the time you submitted it. However, if you are still interested, the following documentation describes how to reduce APK package size:

Reducing APK Package Size