I want it to look realistic, but something is wrong with shadows and light

OK, now a question for the rendering and lightning masters here.
I want my level to look real, everything is HQ, but I can’t get it as realistic as I want it to be.

All setting are on maximum, I followed several tutorials to make rendering quality great, but the rendereing quality allways keep its look.

Here are the main issues;

Heres the highligh-issue in a closeup, I really have no idea where the light is coming from. There is no light placed anywhere in that room that can highlight so much. Any suggestions?

Any suggestion on how I can make it look more real in general would also be nice

What do I have to do to make it look good? Is there anything more I can do with post processing? I wan’t it to look as real as possible.


Your lightmap resolutions are not high enough to get realistic results!
I’m guessing you face snap your walls which won’t give as good result as edge snapped ones…
I don’t see portals in your scene…
Could you show us your lightmass settings?

The lit face: its normals are flipped!! You can fix it in your 3d app where the mesh is coming from or you can try to turn off of using mikktspace…

It must be something with the settings: lightmaps are pretty high already.
Normals arn’t flipped, it’s very strange.