I Need Help with simple light compiling issue :/

Hello my name is dani, ive been using unreal engine for a couple of months and now im facing an issue that i cant resolve,when im placing grass with the foliage brush, the grass looks nice in the viewport but when i compile to get the final lights ready, the grass looks like garbage and weird shadows appears everywhere and i dont know why it happens so pls if anybody could help me would be amazing cause im trying to do my student final proyect and im stuck now, thank u.

If you post a screenshot that can help. Most likely it’s due to lightmap resolution, a lot of people miss that.

Yes of course here is the screenshot, i decided to set the trees movable that way they can cast dynamic shadows but im getting the same problem with the gravestones, they cast a weird shadow and i think is because their own shadowing method, they cast itselves shadows instead the static shadow that i want them to cast, i tried increasing the lighmap resolution but it dint work.

Link of screenshot:

-I dont know how to load an image to the post sorry.