I cant build lighting , it freezes at 100%. How to fix this problem?

Hi I need help regarding my project, its an architectural project consisted of 12 houses on a big land. The workflow was from REvit detail design export to FBX to 3Ds Max Design and tweaking all the UVMaps, then Export to Unreal Engine. I have been following "3ds max Unreal Engine 4 easy real time for archviz " tutorial for the models lighting, camera, props, volumes etc. but for foliage i went on youtube and painted my landscape with free vegetation pack asset from here [FREE] Foliage Starter Kit - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums .

I have also used meshes from HomeModulePack like Entrance Door , Porch Railing,. and have also imported “Populate” animation characters from 3ds max , but they dont animate in Unreal engine. The main problem that needs to be fixed is the “Build Lighting Mass” which freezes at 100% Finished , also checked the SWARM in the logs there is no information just that it has sucesffuly started. Had to Terminate all in task manager and the readings were way up high check the attachments. So i tried also waiting for 1 to 2 hours when 100% freezes maybe it will recover but nope, just to mention it was all in the “Preview Quality” not high quality.

Anyway in the attachments you can see for example :

P1 - This is what i get everytime i open the project (Ext.Door Front , Ext Porch Railing) – How to Fix this? Could this be problem build lighting?

P2 - Just showing the entire project as you can see it has a great number of foliage and the size of the land is approx. 20.000 m2 .

P3 - Showing that i added the “LightingMassImportanceVolume” and “PostProcessVolume” , i didnt tweak them in anyway, i thought it would solve the building light mass but still it freezes at 100%


P4 - Now this one you can see the difference between those 2 trees , one is darker and one brighter… Well Before they were all brighter until i went through this page https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/153184/why-foliage-doesnt-receive-static-shadows-if-i-dis.html
I went throught the process on all foliage the grass bushes flowers trees turned darker but some trees stayed light. Still didnt fix Building Lighting Mass , again freezes at 100% . What is the problem ?

P5 - Just Showing the “Populate” from 3ds max , when i impoerted them they didnt have the textures and the i tweaked the textures in unreal engine on to them. Could They be the main problem? Because not long ago when i did the Build Lighting mass at 100% finish a list of Error Logs would appear showing like :" Populate_01 - Large Actor Recieves a Pre-Shadow which uses more memory ". and another one " Dryer 01-12 - maps need lighting rebuilt. NOW THERE ARE NO ERRORS SHOWING ON 100% i believe i fix it somehow maybe =( .

P6 - Image showing when Building Freezes P7 - Task Manager Need to terminate Unreal , P8 - SWARM Log showing nothing . See the attachments ! Pls I just need to fix the Build Lighting so that there are at least minimum quality shadows. I need this because I will place cinematics to create a walkthrough animation. Thank You

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