HZB cost tooooo high in game

Hello everyone!
and sorry for my English.

We making a VR game… and im in charge on profiling. Yes, i know what HZB i cost in editor are not real, but im talk about packaged game :frowning:
I need help with HZB cost. It cost tooo high. It around 3 ms in “stat gpu” and fps stick around 90 fps, and scene time is around 10-11 ms.
Even it scene a not so many polygons or drawcalls, around -600k tris and 300-400 drawcalls (merged/instanced objects)

But then i use intel GPA for profile… it show me HZB costs only 0.5 in total. and only lights and shadows (in total) cost - 4ms. Scene cost - 7ms :((( => 120+ fps.
What i need to do for get rid of this high HZB cost.

and my setup/target hardware
i5/i7 7600/7700. gtx1070 HDD/SSD

also, when i`m switch to Forward Render (Cause of light setup deffered are better for us now((( ) => hzb drops to 0.03-0.1 ms (just like it should) but i start having troubles with Game thread >_<


This how it look - help someone.

Sooo - answer to myself.
It`s a “ring” what i have problems in game thread.Go to coders.
high tick time, hard blueprints and other problems.

I don’t get what you are saying, I’m also looking to reduce the HZB value

It`s about CPU thread in my case. HZB goes down as i reduce “tickin” blueprints and other math in blueprints. Skeletal meshes math. and other stuff.

High HZB here is an “indicator”