HTML5 Demos

I’m looking for a few examples of HTML5 demos created using Unreal Engine 4. Does anyone know where where I can find a curated list of hosted examples?

Many Thanks!

Hey Hitchcott,

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a list of HTML5 demos for the Unreal Engine. However, you can check out Tappy Chicken. This is a game we’ve uploaded to our site to run in HTML5. Hopefully you’ll be able to locate some projects from those within our community online.

If you have any HTML5 specific questions, you may want to submit a question to our AnswerHub!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

heres one

I’m developing one Html5 game.

You can play prototype at:

more info’s at:

First Marko, I have to say that’s one of the nicest looking HTML 5 client renders I’ve seen to date, though the WASD keys don’t work. I can’t get even the simplest sample to render to my browser. Do you have any suggestions?


Really cool. Just tested the demo in Firefox on Macbook Pro 2012. Worked just fine (including WASD keys).


I took one of my games and pushed it as HTML5. It worked well, but the dynamic lighting was all off. Baked lights were fine.

Hey KinDaKreator,

The lighting on HTML5 is related more towards mobile lighting than what you’d see on a console system, or a PC game. The best solution that I’ve found to help counter the muted lights is adding more intensity to them. I’m hoping that within time the lighting will get better.

You should definitely post a link of your game if you’re able to. I’d love to see what you created, as I’m sure everyone else would too! :slight_smile:

Thanks stressless, we are updating it frequently… Great that it worked on Mac.

Greetings dracolytch, I added arrow keys option for movement. Don’t know where are you playing at (on what machine and browser), and are you playing online or downloading it?

Thanks a lot…

Best website HTML5. You can interpret the past for me?

how to play?

I compiled some samples and you can find them all at . Host locally using python -m SimpleHTTPServer or any other webserver. However, when hosted compressed, the main javascript compresses to around 9mb.

The MatineeFightScene and Landscape Demo are really huge projects and only work in 64bit - you might have to make the viewport smaller to see decent FPS.

PlatformerGame works on Chrome however it does not work on Firefox stable because of broken FP16 rendering, which has been fixed for the next upcoming FF release ( works in FF beta/).

Some screenshots.

The performance in these demos is pretty great. All demos ran at or very near 60 FPS on a MacBook Pro running latest OSX in Chrome.

Is it really HTML5? And is it possible to make it as an app for android or ios?

Play free online games at

Here’s a game I’ve been developing, deployed fine :smiley:

Hey Aussiemandias,

I wasn’t able to get your game to load up on Chrome, but I was able to with . Good start on your project, can’t wait to see what else you do with it. I’ve had some trouble keeping my cursor within the constraints of the window though, which caused some trouble while fighting.

Thanks for sharing!!

That game worked awesome. Thanks for uploading it. It took a while to load up but I think I am now learning that will always be the case with html5 UE4 games.