HTC Vive Multiplayer need HELP!

Hello Everyone!

Can anyone explain me or get link to simple reference to project with C++ HTC Vive motion controllers and Head Mounted display replication implimentation?

May case:

One player launch Standalone game with server role in VR
Another player launch Standalone game with client role
Each game works on differnt PCs in local network (-lanplay)

I have custom pawn with HMD model wich spawns Weapons for each hand. Weapon is custom AActor class with bReplicates=true.
I want to both server and client can see transforms changes on HMD and both Weapons.
How can i do this? How i need write replication for this case?

Link for C++ files:
CustomPawn Header an CPP

Weapon Header and CPP

P.S. Sorry for bad english

Here is a post that the guy answered himself but he describes how he was replicating the position/rotation of head and controllers well enough i think. Check it out

I would highly recommend this plugin

It pretty much handles everything you’ll need