How would I make a flashlight that casts far

Have you tried changing(higher) the intensity and Attenuation radius values?

And the Attenuation radius isn’t extending the brightness.

Thanks, this did help a bit :slight_smile: Still not the way I like but it will work.

How would I make a flashlight that casts its brightness far?
I have tried making the brightness as high as possible but that doesn’t work well and it makes closer objects BRIGHT!!!

The first image is the way I would like it, the second is what I have.
Any help would be nice.

Yes I have, Intensity doesn’t do what I want.

intensity, the attenuation radius and the outer/inner cone angle does the trick for me
This is with i high intensity, low attenuation radius, and smaller outer/inner cone

This is with the same intensity, higher attenuation radius, and same outer/inner cone

no problem, you can also make the inner cone value higher to get that inner brightness further