How would i have a particle play, when i walk past a certain point?

So, i have this snow level built and i was wondering how i would walk past a specific point (IE a doorway) and have a particle system play, as (maybe a trigger box?) is triggered. I tried looking this up, to no avail.

If anyone can help, that would be great! Thank you! :slight_smile:

You can create a class blueprint with a box collision as component. On this component register the OnComponentBeginOverlap event. In this event first check if it was triggered by the player (actor should have player tag). If so spawn the particle system using the SpawnEmitterAtLocation function. After placing the blueprint in your level double click on the trigger to move it separately. That should be it.

Edit: Also, if you want your particle system to stay, you could just change its visibility instead of spawning it. Probably the cleaner way in that case.

Thank you! This will certainly help, i appreciate it greatly!

My next question is do i change the “Emitter Template” to the particle i want?

Just click on the dropdown to select the particle system you want to spawn. You can as well use a variable if you prefer that.

Thank you!! Now, sorry to extend this but how would i get a sound to play as i walk past the point?

But before you answer that, i seem to have an issue. “get world location” and “default scene root” seem to not exist. I only have “get world origin location”

You can play a sound using the PlaySoundAtLocation function. If your particle should be moving there is a function that also attaches the sound. Something like PlaySoundAttached I think. Just filter the list of functions by “sound” and you should see a lot results.

Get WorldLocation is function you can call on any scene component of your blueprint (class blueprint not level blueprint!). By default the root object of a blueprint is called DefaultSceneRoot.

If you are not familiar with blueprint yet there are a few good official and unofficial tutorials on YouTube. Like this one for example.

Thank you for being so patient, my next question is what class should i choose? Actor, pawn, player controller, etc? which one of those and the others should i choose from? And i will check that tutorial out, thank you!