How to use Set Timer as a Toggle?

Hi, Whats wrong with this script? I need to toggle the visibility on every one second. But it won’t work.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Kindly answer my next question.
Assume that the Function Name is “Set actor enable collision”. In this case how can I set any value for function?
For example I want to disable/enable the physic for specific mesh on each 2 second.


Looking at your image, it appears the Event Tick is resetting it so it never fires off. Try using an Event Begin Play instead with Custom Events that get called (the timer will continue to execute them since it is set to looping, you won’t need the Event Tick to reset the timer each time).

Something like this could work for what you are looking for (also includes toggling collision in the same way):

Hope this helps,


Thanks. It works.

I know this is ancient, but thanks for this!