How to use multiple texture in material based on custom data


I generate a custom random world with RuntimeMeshComponent. This part work great.
Now, i need to apply a material on that world, but my knowledge of material is limited.

I need, if possible, to handle multiple texture (represent differents biomes) in a material, and,
apply texture based on custom data, passed to material (maybe via Vertex channel color).
For now, i just get a random value stored in vertex green channel, but i dont know how to use that in material.

With VertexColor node,i take my green channel value, and i can lerp between two texture, but nothing more… So, by the way, Lerp Alpha is only 0-1 parameter. So, i guess it’s wrong way for my need.
Maybe use other parameter node…

I just need to apply the texture once (the world is static after generation). I want to handle something 6 or 7 differents textures if it’s possible.

Can you, pleasen give me the way to accomplish that, or explain the logic ? Maybe with little example ?

Thank you by advance

Nobody can tell me the way to do that ?