How to : Unreal server connect to another Unreal server?

Alternately, how to have an Unreal server be the Client of another Unreal server.

Can FSocket or some other available functionality in the API allow for 2 unreal servers to communicate with packets? Or can an Unreal server be a client of another Unreal server process, and if so, how is the net Role clear?


You can always create a sever and a client socket and connect it to another one, you just have to take care of the communication yourself. I have setup a sample plugin that let you execute console commands remotely hosting a server on a different thread, it might you server as a starting point.

So FSocket is the way to go? The simplest platform agnostic route?

Yes, it will work on all platforms. You just have to implement your own type of protocol, I’m preparing an update to my sample plugin that will feature a JSONRPC like protocol with a security handshake.