How to tile materials on static meshes


I was following the C++ tutorial, and when the author dropped materials on to the static mesh floor and walls of the 3rd Person Template she got this:


But when I did the same I got this:


Why are the materials not tiling, and how do I make them tile independent of the size of the mesh?

Hi Timmeh_ZA,

You can do this by using a Texture Coordinate node and adjusting the U and V values.

You can read more about this node here: Coordinates Material Expressions in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Thank you!


Hey Tim,

Thanks for the response.

I think what I was looking for was the WorldAlignedTexture node.

Using that, I was able to get tiling independent of mesh size:


But now how do I sample those world aligned textures to access specific channels?

I found this,

but I cant figure out how to get the “Tex” input pin on the Texture Sample node.