How to teleport in VR with multi level Nav mesh

Hey guys,

I’m using the vr templates made available in 4.13 with the htc vive. Teleporting works fine except my scene is made up of a multi story building and sometimes the teleport arc will land on the floor above or below you when you weren’t intending to go there. Obviously this isn’t ideal and can be quite disorienting for a player.

Can anyone think of a quick fix or work around for this? I’d rather not reinvent the teleportation wheel so to speak.

Is it possible to have multiple navigation systems and then modify the teleport blueprint so that you’re only ray casting onto the appropriate one for your floor level?

hi, i get the same problem,
i’m building a double floor flat for archviz, working on vive. i try many solution because i need the teleport go to everywhere in each floor except over table or furniture. and i don’t won’t the player go offside the outside wall.
so i forst try with blocking volume or navmodifier volume.
but the problem as you say is that sometimes the teleport arc goes to to upper floor.
it’s a big problem;
if you have any solution, it would be good to ear from you.
see ya

Im also looking for a solution to this. thanks.

Solution also needed here! is there a way to switch the active nav-meshes only after colliding with staircase and have the game rebuild active navigation mid game?

Is there a way to switch the active nav-meshes (make separate nav mesh for each floor) only after colliding with staircase, and have the game rebuild active navigation mid game?
Or better yet, while colliding with a collision volume on desired floor, only that nav mesh is active, both adjacent meshes are active while colliding with stairs. Just spit-ballin here.

Also, if someone does this successfully, please post the solution. I’m working on it, but have extremely limited experience with blueprints.

Hello guys I’ve been looking into this problem and “Pixinetix” comment here inspired me to find the proper solution to the problem, and I’ll share it with you here knowing that this is the first time ever I share a solution of my own on ue4 forums or answers website :smiley: :smiley:

1st you’ve to create a separate NavMeshBoundVolume for each floor and scale it’s height down so it fits only particular floor alone
Using Stream Levels you gonna create new sub level for each floor separately and move each volume into its own sub-level so for example.

Windows>>Levels>>Create New >> GND SubLevel … and then you assign the NavMeshBoundVolume into that sublevel.

now in the level blueprint you’ve to search for “load stream level”, assign your sublevel into this bluething and give it a trigger based on a trigger volume or keystroke or whatever.

now when you play, this navmesh volume (say 1st floor navmesh volume) will be loaded ONLY when you trigger it up and your teleport mechanism will no longer be confused between multiple floors at once , hope that helps :slight_smile:

I know I came really late but this is the time I found this page, and this particular page inspired me to the solution :slight_smile:

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Thks for this workaround. I am facing the same problem so I am gonna try that right away…