How to stream data between server and clients


Does UE4 have an efficient build in way to stream data between the server and the clients? My clients are constantly generating (voice) data and need to stream this to the server, and the server should pass it on to the other clients. The voice data is custom so using OnlineSubSystemNull is not an option(?), and I’d like to prevent having to modify the engine source as we’re using 4.11 features and we’ll want to keep moving to new releases.


In to add, we’re also very interested in this, for the same reasons. We need to stream voice between clients and Null just doesn’t work for us. We’re halfway through reimplementing it with a different voice module, but it’s a significant rabbit hole for something that seems should be a lot simpler. Having Null’s VoiceInterface being both private and an instance of FOnlineVoiceImpl (instead of IOnlineVoice which would make a lot more sense to me) means we can’t just subclass Null and override it. We could just modify Null, but that means we’ll have merge-hell if (when) it ever gets modified and our technical debt is bad enough already.