How to stop the Nav Modifier Component from projecting downwards onto the navmesh?

Hey all,

I created a tool where you can spawn a bunch of UBoxComponents and string them together. They are all held by an AActor that also has a UNavModifierComponent. So I believe what happens is that the NavModifierComponent looks at all the volumes that the AActor holds and alters the navmesh according to their volumes/positions/rotations.

But I have a problem, the navmesh gets altered based of the projection (like the shadow) of the UBoxComponent’s. So UBoxComponents that aren’t touching the navmesh can still affect it, unless they are very high up. Is this a setting I can toggle on the UNavModifierComponent or am I missing something?

Note all the spawning and navmesh altering happens within the UE4 editor not at game run-time. Also this is all done in C++.

Any help or insight would be really appreciated!

I also checked if the default NavModifier Volumes do this (the ones that you can find within the editor under volumes) and they do. So I think this just apart of the NavModifierComponent. So I guess I have a feature request? @Epic Please make it so NavModifiers don’t use there projection to affect the NavMesh.

-Luv London

make your own NavModifierComponent