How to stop light from going through walls (hard to explain, images help)

So me and a few others are working on a game (first time doing this, for our college assignment) and I’ve ran into an issue with the lights. I’ve been trying to make everything modularly, but the ceiling and floor pieces that I’ve made are just one large square plane with a texture tiled on it. The issue with this is any light I place down in a room will bleed through the walls onto the ceiling and floor on the other side of them (the images will better show this). I know if i made exact ceiling and floor pieces it would fix this, but that would result in a lot of time wasted as its coming close to the end of the project, so I wonder if theres any way to fix this in Unreal?



If we’re talking about static/built lighting…
First try to make those 2 problematic meshes 3 dimensional! Don’t use planes but boxes!
Also you can try to raise lightmap resolution but those surfaces might be just way to big to get a decent lighting result: maybe you’ll have to break those up into smaller pieces…