How to simulate reflexion on movable objects ?

Hi ! I’ve got this simple scene with spheres with a lot of reflexion floating around in a closed space. Unfortunatly those sphere have a very weird way to reflect their environnment. Is their any way to cheat to make them reflect their environnment ?


can you upload the project?

That’s what Reflection Captures are for. Simply place them in your Level and specular/metallic Materials will automatically use the Reflection Spheres to feed the surfaces with an reflection.

However, the Reflection Captures are prebaked, thus you can’t “create” Reflections at runtime.

You may also look at this: Reflection Environment | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hi thanks for answering.

Project is just here :

So i’m feeling in pain : it’s not possible to have reflexion on movable objects ? Isn’t there a technique ?

Yes I’ve understand. There is reflection captures (both spheres and cube) in my scene already. But my movable objects are not receiving any information from them. They receive their reflective informations from the cubemap set in skylight. Is it possible to have a skymap with a reflectioncubemap that affects my movable objects only ?


You need to use Reflection Captures as I mentioned.
They will automatically feed their image on reflective materials

Well, the issue was coming from “actor hidden in game” enable for both of my reflection spheres and cube. Raildex_ you were kinda right !! thanks