How to show the circle near the foot like dota2

Hello,Everyone.I just want to make a moba demo like dota2.I just have 2 questions.
1.How to show the circle near the foot of character when choose the character?
2.When i click the mouse on the ground.How to show a animation in the click point?
Thank you very much.

There’s more than 1 way to do these so it’s really better as a discussion on the forums.

For the first one, highlighting circles around feet. Those need to be components on the character that you make visible when selected, or render their outline when selected. Here is a link to a similar question, that has a bunch of links for an answer.

For clicking effect follow the thread here to spawn a particle effect on mouse click: forum mouse click particle

Thank you so much.And please show me the links of my first question ,thanks again.

Here is a link for a decal underneath:

link text