How to show grid in UE4?Mine is missed,but also show nothing in the scence.

As you can see, there is no grid in the scence ,but also it’s all dark in the scence, and we can see nothing ,
in fact ,there are two objects in it.

Hi ChenJuye,

The grids should be on by default. You can make sure that they are enabled by going to the Show tab in the Perspective Viewport and enabling them.

If you still can’t see them, you are most likely above or below them. Go into the Side view in the Viewport and make sure that you are placing objects on the same level as the green line.


To see the object you have placed in the level, you will need to also add lights and then Build Lighting.

Afterwards, if you still have issues post back here and let us know.



Thank you very much~the problem has been solved,wish you luck~and I’m a new learner,I hope I can help others in the future