How to setup simple networking scheme in C++

Although I’m a fairly experienced programmer, I’m new to the Unreal Engine and, frankly, I’m a little frustrated with how much the developers push blueprints over C++. All the networking documentation and tutorials point to blueprints, which is fine for casual devs or artists who want to jump into game design without learning any code, but for serious programmers, accustomed to clean, organized code, blueprints are a visual and organizational nightmare.

Preferences aside, I’m trying to set up a very simple network scheme, where the client window is literally a duplicate of the server window, minus UI. I don’t need any multiplayer, characters, etc. Just a simple network connection with a shared camera, and of course, created in C++.

By the way, I looked into dozens of sources, including this: Networking and Multiplayer | Unreal Engine Documentation

but the only C++ I found was here: RPCs | Unreal Engine Documentation

and here: Property Replication | Unreal Engine Documentation

these show a few snippets of code, but they don’t give much documentation on their usage. Sorry for hating on blueprints, I know they’re Unreal’s shiny, new crown jewel, I just don’t want to waste my time learning them when 1: I’ll never use them anywhere else, and 2: C++ can do most, if not all jobs better and more efficiently. If it comes down to it, I will figure it out through blueprints, but I feel like someone out there must have experience in setting up a network in C++. Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance!