How to Setup c++ AudioComp InnerRadius?

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[Question] How to Setup C++ Inner Radius Value of Decay Distance?

Writing C++ Flying Character Class now.
But i can`t find inner radius variable.
How can i setup inner radius ?

plz help me.

I think you should tweak the FSoundAttenuationSettings stored in AudioComponent->AttenuationOverrides. You can find all of the members and comments in SoundAttenuation.h
My first guess would be to say that the variable you are looking for is

AudioComponent->AttenuationOverrides.OmniRadius = 400;

However, on closer inspection it appears that you want to access the FBaseAttenuationSettings (parent struct) members for AttenuationShape, AttenuationShapeExtents, and FalloffDistance. There are comments on how to do this properly in Attenuation.h. Basically, for a sphere, the x component of the AttenuationShapeExtents is your InnerRadius, so the code would look this instead

AudioComponent->AttenuationOverrides.AttenuationShapeExtents = FVector(400.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);

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This method has been applied!
Thank you so much! Thank Spiris!
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