How to set Local Network Version override

Due to how Local Network Version is generated, its making network testing with a friend from the editor a pain, at least it does in my version of the engine because we both get a different local network version. I have seen an override delegate named LocalNetworkVersionOverride but do not understand how to set an override to it and would appreciate information on how to set that override.

Also, would be nice if all i needed was to add something in a config file but did not seem like it.

Since i use a modified engine source for bug fixes, i have hardcoded a value and had my friend do the same but would prefer something that does not modify the engine if possible.

Our game is also set properly for multiplayer with steam system and it works very good on steam, its only when testing from the editor that we have that Local Network Version issue.

Hi, did you find a solution for this?

In UnrealEngine.ini, section [OnlineSubsystem]



Hi, can you confirm that ? it does not seem to work

I think just disabling build id match rule is the best.

Setting NetworkVersionOverride 12345 via console command in my GameInstance’s Init event in blueprint works fine in my case.