How to set global light of project including procedural mesh?

Hi,all. My project generates procedural mesh and load uasserts dynamically. I set the global illumination according to this. But the lighting effect is not realistic at all. I can’t see any indirect shadow and there is no light intensity changing from window to inner room. I think light bouncing is not working at all.

I post a related question before: link text

Any ideas may help. :slight_smile:

Hi Amylin,

The page you linked to for Global Illumination refers to lightmass which is all precomputed. This type of global illumination is not dynamic and requires all the lighting to be built prior and does not support dynamic objects being spawned in. The Volume Light Samples that are placed when calculated for any static objects in the scene that are not spawned dynamically can help indirectly lighting something, but this does not use shadow casting.

Right now the only options for dynamic indirect lighting are that are available with UE4 are Light Propagation Volumes (LPV) and Distance Field GI, which are both considered experimental and not ready for production due to known issues and artifacts.

Thank you!


Hi, Tim. Thank you for your answer. So, if i want to get realistic lighting effect for my procedural mesh, the only options are LPV and Distance Field GI, and the unreal lighting effect of my current scene is due to a lack of indirect light. Did i get your meaning right?

Is there any way to covert procedural mesh to static mesh?

Anything being spawned dynamically when the game starts will require a form of dynamic indirect lighting, so yes LPV or DFGI are the only current options.

When you say “Procedural Mesh” I would presume you are just meaning that you are spawning the mesh when the games starts like you mean above and not the Procedural Mesh that can be drawn using Blueprints. In which case, if you want the objects to use static baked lighting you will need to not spawn these at the start of your game/level. They will also need to have properly setup lightmaps to get good baked shadowing as well.

Thank you very much. I understand now. Actually, the “Procedural Mesh” I mentioned above is drawn using C++ after game starts. But since it’s spawn at the start of the game, it’s dynamic mesh and requires a dynamic indirect lighting.

Hi, Tim. I found this. They claimed that they could provide a dynamic indirect lighting solution. So I’m wondering if UE4 have any cooperations with Enlighten or this could solve my problem. Do you any ideas?

Enlighten is a possibility, but it’s not something that I’ve personally tried. They require licensing through them for their system, but I’m not sure about anything more specific than that.

Nvidia does have a solution that is free to try with their VXGI solution. They have a GitHub branch that is available to use and test their integration. You can find more information about it here:

I’ve seen some users test this out and get some pretty good results, so maybe that could be a possibility for you as well.

It‘s really nice of you!! I think i can have a try on that. Thanks again.