How to set a game run with VR mode? (Cannot even package the VR template correctly)

First, I have already checked this,

and the instruction provided in the answers.

In 4.13, there is a VR template provided with the engine and it is pretty handy, I intend to modify it into my own project. The developing is OK, but when I decided to package project I ran into a problem, the packed application ran without enabling the sensors in the HMD (The preview camera remains ), but I am pretty sure steamVR worked fine because I can actually control the two hands with vive motion controller.

I think the ptovided VR template renamed the motioncontrollerPawn into VRpawn, and I created a VR_GameMode gamemode blueprint as the tutorial said, but I think there is some problems.

First, I cannot enable a new pawn. If I delete the original VRpawn and add a new motioncontrollerSpawn, it is not working because the preview camera is floating in the sky.

Second, I still cannot package the project correctly. The HMD only gave me a steamVR menu. On my screen I saw a huge window showing the virtual hands, but the view never changed no matter how I move the HMD.

So… I really hope to know what exactly I need to do to package the VR template correctly, currently I am using HTC vive. And my packed project ends up with a camera stuck in the floor, where the VRpawn is located at the beginning.

Well i autoposses the pawn to a Player0 and works fine, fix the camera problem thatt you said.
But i have the same problem … when i package it never runs in VR it stack on the floor and doesnt follow the hmd path.

anyone found a solution to this?