How to reduce the shader complexity for hair?

Hello all,
I am working on a character to be used in my first ever game project (VR). The shader complexity view shows huge white areas ( extremely bad) in some regions such as around hair cards, foliage and sometimes through multiple glass surfaces. I have looked for a lot of solutions and I was unable to find the right solution. This is greatly affecting the framerate, given that it is also a VR project.

What part of my pipeline do I need to fix in order to reduce the complexity? The modeling? the texturing?Materials? or something else?

I am currently using basic planes to make hair cards and using alpha masks to put texture in. Similar case for foliage.
All help is appreciated.

You should use the Forward Renderer if you want to use VR.

You should also use Masked instead of Translucent when using textures for grass and Hair.
The main problem is Quad overdraw when using Translucency. If you want to reduce that, you need to tighlty cut your planes. This means you need to remove the fully transparent parts of your texture.

Thank you for the swift response.
However, we are already using Forward rendering, moreover there is zero translucency in the masks. I am starting to think the overdraw is occurring mainly due to the overlapping of the planes, if that’s what you are saying?