How to "rebuild" my project for include a plugin?

Hi all,

I m trying to apply this tutorial :

I copy/past the 2 folders ( in plug developper; and my content ), but I don't know how to "generate project file" In the video, he has a .bat file ( generateprojectfile.bat )

I don’t have it.

When I launch my uproject, I ve this message :


When I click “yes”, the build fails


I tried to build my project in Visual Studio. But same message when i want to open it again.
And my project, is a C+ blank project.

Do you know how to resolve this problem ?



Before rebuilding the plugin, open a project folder and right click on .uproject file. In dropdown menu choose Generate Visual Studio project files. After done, click on .sln and start VS. In VS in a Solution Explorer, right click on folder of your project and choos Rebuild. If no build error, then you can open your project and start work with this plugin.

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thanks very much
it works =)

it’s not work for me

Thanks. This saved me too.

Thanks, works like a charm.

You have install visual studio and the desktop development with c++ or game development with c++ workloads.
This will allow unreal to compile the code when rebuilding the project

I followed these steps and they worked, however I still get the same error about the plugin when trying to launch my project.