How to move skysphere relative to player?

How do I make the skysphere stay a fixed distance and rotation according to the player position.

I’m trying to create a rendered to infinity skybox that isn’t affected by player position

What if you moved the whole thing with the player? Would that work?

Hi everynone, I suppose it would

But more importantly what would it look like as a BP?

Make the skysphere is Movable and do this in the player:

Not saying it’s going to work the way you need but it’s worth trying.

Unfortunately, it doesnt work it doesnt counter player rotation

what do you mean “counter”? if you want it to rotate with the player then you also need to set the rotation. theres even a node for set actor location and rotation.

I don’t think I fully understand what Delta1 is trying to do, gonna sit this one out. :expressionless:

Hi thompson & everynone, What I’m trying to do is I’ve got some mountains in my background image that correspond to north, east, west and south and I want these to look like theyre at the same angle regardless of player rotation and stay at the same distance in the background.

The chief problem being that as the player moves around the level the angle of the background mountains shift slightly and looks like they’re in a different position which is what I need to avoid.

I don’t want the skysphere to rotate with the player because then if they start the game facing north, they’ll always face the north mountain and thats not what I want!

I’d really appreciate some help, not sure how to do this, would I need to alter the sky material according to camera angle/world offset position?

I appreciate your help thanks for having a go

so you basically want your mountains to stay at the same distance from the player at all times and correspond to the cardinal directions or in game terms x and y axis. thats basically what Everynone was telling you how to do. i just tested it and it does work.

im not sure why you mentioned rotation, maybe you accidentally attached the sky to your character or something. ive noticed that you posted about issues like this many times and got no solutions or responses, im thinking maybe you dont know how to explain it well or dont know what your looking for. from the sound of it you make it sound like you want the mountains stay 5km away from the player and to stay in the same rotation. thats a easy solution but it seems your not looking for easy or your trying to complicate things for its own sake.

Trust me the last thing I want is complicated!

I’ll give this another shot, I probably have messed something up, I’ll get back home tomorrow and will get back to you.

Many thanks for all your kind help.

This a technique that was used in the past a lot. In some (very old) games you’d actually move the level around the player rather than the other way round. So moving a level with the player is not that uncommon!

thats very true, i suppose in essence I am trying to replicate a ue3 skybox that renders to infinity, but rest assured as soon as I’m back on my PC tomorrow I’ll retry this.

Apologies for the wait, but I also really appreciate the help!

Ok, sorry about the wait, although the fix works, its not what I’m after.

I apologise for the hassle and I take thompson’s suggestion onboard in that I’m probably explaining this pretty poorly, so I’m going to have another go:

In my map there’s a series of mountains based at each compass location (North, East, South and West) I want these mountains to stay in the exact same place and stay the exact same size (but looking like they’re miles away).

Even with the BP very kindly provided by everynone the mountains seem to shift left slightly depending upon how close the player is to them, I’ve added a picture to show you what I mean:

If you look at the white pillar that I’ve just added to show the midpoint of the arena you can see what I mean.

The first is at distance:

The Second Closer by:

Can you see how the pillar has shifted slightlyto the left this is what I’m trying to fix so that the mountain behind it will always stay in that specific position and not change.

I’ve been looking at the following thread and am hoping I don’t need to do all this to solve it:

That said I massively appreciate the help guys, as without it I’d be completely lost, please let me know what you reckon would be the best way to resolve this as I really am at my wits end.

of course the cylinder is going to appear to have moved, you moved everything beyond it. if you want the cylinder to stay in the same place in relation to the mountain then you need to move that too. honestly the whole idea that your going for doesnt make alot of sense when compared to the real world. a mountain even when far away never stays at the same angle from the person. imagine a mountain as the north pole, now if you begin walking west your longitude is going to be changing, its slight but still. in this case no matter where you go the mountain will still be north though.

what i think you should be doing is working with scale. a huge mountain thats very far away isnt going to look smaller or bigger when the area the player is moving in is smaller than the distance to the mountain. if you take one step toward a building 100 paces away it doesnt look much bigger right.

This is the point, I need to keep the mountain background image (hdri on skysphere) locked to where the cylinders are regardless of where the player is in the map.

Size does actually change the closer you are to something but again this change can be miniscule depending on your closeness to it, but its not really relevant tbh.

It’s not supposed to look real, I’m building a mental health diagnostic test as a serious game and this “rendered to infinity” is absolutely critical for it to work.

I think I’ve got the size thing worked out, its the parallax (sideways movement of the background) thats causing a problem, would appreciate any ideas you may have?

I’ve tried messing about with the material too, although to no avail:


Could plugging the player to the rotateaboutaxis rotation angle or pivot point give me what I need?

How would I autoscale?

how would you render to infinity?

How can we replicate a ue3 style skybox?

what your attempting to do simply wont work imo. having everything stay in a set place in relation to the skysphere which is moving just isnt possible unless you move everything else in the level to. if you do that then theres no point in even having the character move.

im done with this thread no so good luck i guess.