How to move 'PlayerStart' actor in game?

Hey all,

I’m working on local coop multiplayer game. At one of the maps, the floor can break and I don’t want the players to re-spawn in a hole to die again.
I’m planning to change PlayerStart actor location dynamically in game.

this code is what I’m using and it works for everything except the PlayerStart actor. How can I make the PlayerStart actor move/change location in game?

Thanks in advance.

Is your playerstart actor set as Static? If so then this could be why it’s not moved.

I’d suggest just having a new PlayerStart actor though and then choosing which one to spawn at based on the state of the game.

It is static but I cant change to to movable. It says I need to change it in c++.

All of the map can be destroy depends on what the players do. There is no condition/state to it.
My map has the same idea as “Tic-Tac-Toast” from Twisted metal 4

To change the playerstart to movable, you’d have to go into the engine files and modify the mobility to Movable.

A better way to go about it, if you’re following the same idea as Twisted Metal, is have a player start for each tile on your map. Keep them in an array, and have them hold a boolean variable (Hole/NoHole). Then you can spawn players by using the array and selecting a start that has Hole = False.

Thank you for your answer. I did it using another method.
What I did is… I created a new actor and changed its location randomly same as the image in the question. Then went to the player code and added a branch that is if this map is loaded then spawn from that new actor. else spawn actor normally.