How to move multiple AIs to a single location?

Is there anything built into UE4 that will allow me to move a group of AIs to a single location without every AI trying to occupy the same spot? For instance in an RTS game you could move a group of units and they would all move together and sit relative to each other based on the location you gave the group?

If there isn’t anything built into UE4 that can handle this already, what would be a good approach to solving this issue?

I was thinking something with DetourCrowd but that doesn’t seem to help much with default settings.

I started looking into EQS as a possible solution but I am not sure yet if that will be efficient enough or even solve the problem.

Still learning EQS but the examples I’ve run across for this sort of problem all seem to choose a leader and calculate relative locations based on that leader which might be my solution potentially in conjunction with DetourCrowds and EQS.

Resources so far for anyone who runs across this question: