How to modify viewport vertex data in Unreal Engine open source

I recently research camera viewport in Unreal Engine open source.
I trace the code and then find out this function to draw what local player’s camera watched.

UGameViewportClient::Draw(FViewport* InViewport, FCanvas* SceneCanvas) { .... GetRendererModule().BeginRenderingViewFamily(SceneCanvas,&ViewFamily); .... }

but I would like to know where the vertex data built, theb I can change the vertex value to display distorted effect.

You gone little bit to deep, look up FPrimitiveDrawInterface (PDI) is a data containing and collecting draw instructions, it is contain in PrimitiveComponents and ComponentVisualizers code, i think mesh rendering is a littke deeper somewhere else. Later on everythign is gethered to RHI (rederer interface) in for rendering. I dont think you can od this globally without modifying engine code and keep in mind you use CPU here so any every frame operation on each vertex may take bigger performance hit

You can also use tessellation and displacement maps which is less invasive and GPU powered:

thank for reply~
I think viewport vertex number default value is 4, so I would like to add more vertex to control the viewport, and World Position Offset can’t help me to add more vertex data.
I’ll try your advice about FPrimitiveDrawInterface, thanks again.