How to make the sun's reflection look less trapezoidal

BTW: I am using UE5 early access, for what it’s worth. I just can’t tag that and I had to tag UE4 in order to post this.

Anyway, have what is probably an easy one and I think I just need somebody to kindly point me in the right direction of which setting I probably need to tweak for this.

I am setting up a sunset scene. It looks almost exactly how I want it to other than this weirdly inorganic trapezoidal shape of the reflection the light casts on the water. It’s just got such harsh edges and they fall off in a way that is not reflective of real life.

I am just trying to figure out what I might have to do to ensure there is more of a gradiant falloff and larger blend instead of such severe sides. What should I probably alter? Thanks!