How to make the scene look real?

Hi all,
I’d like to ask for some advice.
I’ve been working on my first unreal project for virtual production and I am almost done with assemblying objects for the set.
For the production, I’m thinking of doing something like this: Unreal Engine 4.26 Green Screen Tutorial - YouTube

Right now my set looks very artificial, and I would like to make it look more natural with lighting and some tweaking of materials. (I’ve attached some images of the set for reference)

I have no prior experience dealing much of the lighting and post process effects.
I’d appreciate if some of you could share some tips or direct me to some useful tutorials.

How to make it look real, that’s probably the biggest question on here… :slight_smile:

I’d the MAIN thing you need to get right is your lighting. For now, you can forget post process and even what material is on everything. Lighting is your main issue.

Are those chandelier lights real? ( do they have point lights in them? ). Give this a go

  1. Remove the chandeliers for now.

  2. Have only a directional light and a skylight.

  3. Set the skylight to stationary, directional to about 5 and then build light ( even though you’re not using static lighting ).

I think that would give you a starting point.