How to make shadows?

Ok, I am making 2D platformer and i am trying to make shadows to cave, i know i can change material to lit, but light goes through it. What i should do?

Thanks for answers. :slight_smile:

what kind of caves? how have you set stuff up? are you using post processing volumes? do you block off light with a hull around your cave?

Might need more info!

I really havent got into these renderering/light stuff.
So this kind of cave, this is just example cave.

I just setuped it by adding sprites and then changing material to defaultlit.
After taking screenshot i removed directionallight, but it just made everything black and when i tested it with spot light light went sometimes just through at some parts and light just looked totally wrong.
No, i dont know even how to use PPV.
No, i dont block light off with hull, Can you explain Hull?