How to make project work faster?

What are the key main factors to keep in mind in order to make a faster working game? I know that using C++ makes the project/game work more faster and fluently. Any other factors? Graphics? Textures? What to use in blueprints?

Thank you!

there are lots of things to take in consideration, and it’s hard to measure the impact of every aspect, plus they affect different parts of the hardware.

using many variables, big arrays or adding many instances of actors in your game will affect your ram, for example.

the code you put in your classes will use your CPU, in theory different events can use different threads.

every thing that appears on the screen will be processed by the GPU, so the more complex the scene, more gpu you need, usually light, folliage, and number of polygons are the main cause for GPU issues.

VRAM is mostly used for textures, so don’t use a 4k texture for something that will be on 0,5% of the screen.

the truth is that there is too many things that impact on performance, you will take time to recognize them all, everything you add to the game will have an performance impact it’s not simple, there’s still the option to change settings from low to epic in the user settings, what may help you and end users.