How to make glass tile with lightening effect?

How can I create a “Glass Floor” with lightening effect?
For example, you have seen “Green Lantern” (Superhero) movie. How he use his ring to make shapes.
In simple words, I want my character to run on light.
I used Cube and applied Glass material. And tried different lights (Spot, Point) but glass is not showing any effect.
I tried “Glass Statue” Material, it shows lightening effect but now lightening also reflect on my character. I want to show lightening only on my floor tile… Any Idea?

Could you use a Particle affect on your player, not the floor?

Well, I search on google and found a Video posted by “Unreal Engine”.

From this video I understand that I can create a glass slab and apply “Beam” just over it. I successfully created a beam and placed just above glass slab.

But problem is whenever I walk over slab, Beam shows sea-saw movement. Like it is rotating. When I am on left side of beam it’s left side part is in air and right side part touching glass slab. When i move toward right end, right part of beam is in air and now left part touching glass slab. I don’t know the reason.
Any Idea?

Edit: I did everything as he shown in his video upto 6 mins and 15 secs. But I can’t get straight beam as he is getting. :frowning:

Here is screenshot. I want to fix the light in centre just like my glass slab. I don’t want any such rotation with camera view. And I can’t fix it with “Rotation” Options.