How to make Bot Clients for checking performance?

I am making online game.
We want to check performance of our dedicated server.
So I want to make bot clients.

First, we have a dedicated server and client.
I tried to client process has multiple world instance and each world connect and join to server individually.
But unreal shares world instance has same package name. So, world instance of every worldcontexts in Engine are same.
I want to have independent world instance for each bot client but it isn’t possible.

And then, I tried to split join to server. so there is a main playercontroller and other bot playercontroller do split join to server. But, unreal uses single server connection for split join. so they shares single network buffer. if exceed network buffer, server disconnects client.

So, I made myIpConnection class inherited IpConnection class and increase maxpacketSize to 1024. And Use this class. But client and server could not communicate properly. I just increased maxpacketsize. I don’t know why.

How should I do? I don’t know how to do more.