How to make a point light radius bigger?

I’m trying to make a fire actor. Just something that can be used with torches and fire pits etc, etc…

My first thought was to make the particles give off light but that caused an insane performance hit and I realized a point light and particle system in a bp would probably be better.

But for some reason the point lights radius is ridiculously small. Like ridiculous. Fire in real life and other games is usually pretty bright and can cast long shadows into the woods, but for the point light it simply isn’t the case it’s tiny! And the settings seem to make no real difference.

Any help appreciated.

What’s your attenuation radius set at?

I have it all set to 1000. Stuff does get lit farther away depending on the various radius settings but the bright circle doesn’t seem to change size after 150. And shadows don’t seem to cast much outside of the bright circle.

Just to clarify

the bright circle in the center here is what your trying to get rid of or lessen right?

Well actually I want the bright circle bigger it seems to emulate that ‘being around a fire’ quite well. But no matter what I change the settings too it doesn’t seem to get any larger?

Ok so for the light distance thing keep your point light the way it is. But add a spot light to serve as your bright light radius then.

A spot light is at an angle though, I need a full 360 light around my fire.

Its not at an angle and it gives a full 360 degree radius

Oh you mean from the top, duh. Lemme try that real quick.

Hmm the bright circle is still the same size regardless.

Okay if I set the lighting intensity to it’s absolute max it seems to work.

Up your source radius and length to get this

Hmm length doesn’t really seem to do much except make the light shape longer, If I turn it up it just gets more and more thing and long.

Source radius does no change.

Okay I messed with the setting some this is somewhat how I like it my only real issue is you gotta really pump up the intensity for some reason and the radius isn’t as big as I’d like but it’s pretty close in all respects, so, thanks for your help!