How to make a multiplayer on screen health bar for multiple instances of the same actor?

Using a listen server, same actor class for each player, local save file loads in the variables for the actor. All of this works fine, but im trying to create an over the actor display that everyone sees that designates their pawns name, and level, maybe healthbar also. I tried using a widget component on the actor, but it always displays the information for the players own character for all of the characters

sounds like the issue lies in the way you are getting the information to populate your widget.

dont know if itll help but below ill post how i updated the healthbar on some enemy ai

Where is “HealthBarUpdate” being called?

Userinterface → Space / select Screen, and your widget will face to the players. (dont copy my graph, about it would not work, it have an issue.)

Did you do ?
Are you say ?