How to lock the Rotation for a child component

Is there a way to lock the Rotation for a child component while still retaining the relative rotation?

Yes, of course, you need to rotate child accordingly to the world rotation of parent

would mind please giving me more context an instance or example would be awesome
if I want to explain my issue it would be like this;
I have an arrow actor which is structured as follows;

I’ve set a static mesh component for the tip of the arrow and in order to make It move I’ve added a " projectile movement component " also since I want the tip to rotate I’ve added a " rotating movement " component, subsequently, I used a " Add Static Mesh Component " function to procedurally generate some squares next I attached them to the tip component so that now they are children of the tip then I played with relative location to place them behind the arrow tip in a way that they are lined up, these squares are for a Niagra particle system that I want to apply later on.

the problem is because I’m using a " rotating movement " component the whole thing rotates, and I don’t want the squares to rotate with the tip of the arrow although their rotation rule still needs to be relative.

apologies for the long explanation.

sorry if I’m not making sense enough since English is not my native tongue

By default Movement Components (rotating, floating and so on) affect the root element of an actor. But you can explicitly specify which element you wish to be affected instead:

In the above example we set the Cube to be updated instead of the Ball which became the root of this actor:

Apart from that, you can flag any component’s transform as Absolute | World:

This component will remain unaffected by the parent’s transform. This can also be done dynamically.

Perhaps that’s it.

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this will help a lot
I’ll try to work It out based on this or adjacent to It.

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