How to listen to OnParticleSystemFinished

In our game, we need event fire once our particles system is done. I used UGameplayStatics::SpawnEmitterAtlocation to emit particle. This function return me a UParticleSystemComponent* which I then hook up its OnSystemFinished by this:

 UParticleSystemComponent*  upsc.OnSystemFinished->AddDynamic(MyUFunction_With_Signature_the_same_as_FSystemOnFinsihed)

When I debug, I see that MyFunction does get registered and onComplete function(in ParticleEmitter.cpp) does broadcast but my function is not called.

I am fairly new to UE4, wonder if this is the right way to do it ?

I’ve never used that even t specifically but perhaps try adding a event generator to your particle system - attached screenshot shows a event generator in a particle on the top right in strong blue

Thanks. I’ll try that. Wonder if you could do it through C++ …