How to level stream randomly on a grid?

Hey all having trouble with level streaming, etc etc. Blueprints btw.

It’s easy enough to spawn a square or rectangle with 2 for loops “nxn” how would I go about spawning in misshapen or weird shape tiles next to each other? vs the whole every tile has the exact same dimensions.

Basically how to detect collision between these two tile actors as they spawn? Would a bound box be alright? My world is gonna be pretty sizable so I figured somehow spawning them on a grid? Anyone know how I could then go about calculating the space between any pieces and filling them with mountains or water? Which are just prebuilt hisms.

  1. Generate grid.
  2. Randomly spawn large terrain pieces.
  3. Make sure non overlap and get space between them all.
  4. Fill with water plane hism or mountain hism.

The water and mountains are another problem as they’d have no choice but to be overlapping with any terrain as they’d have to seamlessly fill the gaps and I doubt it’s a simple process to deform meshes at runtime.

Any help appreciated