How to let light shine through static mesh from inside it

Got the answer on another question, still not the perfect solution but it works!

Hey guys, I have a lamp wich shines light 360* with an IES profile. The Mesh has some emissive fields going on so the point light needs to be inside the lamp mesh. The problem now is that the light does not come through the static mesh, the material is not two sided so actually should it be working. but it does not. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
ps: both sm and pl are placed in a blueprint (tested it outside: same result)

The most straightforward path is to set your lamp mesh material to unlit or disable shadowcasting from your light mesh.

the unlit method does not work and wouldn’t be an option in my case. And the disabling of the shadowcasting of the light is also not intended bc the light should cast shadows but not on its self. It is somehow possible for the light component to ignore itself or the static mesh or (all other components that are in the blueprint)? Thanks :smiley: