How to let dynamic objects cast static shadow

I’m trying to make a simple demo to visualize floors of 3-story building.
I have a level blueprint to lift up the roof of 3rd floor to peek into the 3rd floor while running game.

I want to use static lighting for performance reason, and keep all the shadow baked even when I open the roof.
I managed to sort of realizing this by keeping the roof’s mobility “Static” and build light, and switch the roof’s mobility to “Movable” right before Play.
However once I rebuild the light, the roof is no longer casting shadow under my static light, so the sun light brightly lit up the floor, whereas I want to show my static spotlight illuminating the interior.

I looked at some documents, including the following, I’m probably overlooking a simple option to let dynamic objects cast static shadows under static lights, but have not got any luck so far.

The following video illustrate what I’m trying to do.

I appreciate your help in advance.

You can’t have both. Either you have static lighting, or you can have dynamic and take the roof off.

To be clear, everything can be static, just you need dynamic lighting for the roof. Always keep the roof marked as moblile.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m fine with having the roof as a mobile object, but I need to have the roof cast shadows on the 3rd floor.
Do I need to change the skylight to Mobile as well, or are there anyway to make the roof cast static shadow at the original position?

When the roof is mobile, it will cast shadows on the 3rd floor, even when the directional light is static. It should work fine with static SL also.

Sorry, previous reply wasn’t clear. What I meant was, in terms of the roof, you can’t have both. Of couse, it’s quite normal to have many objects and lighting static, and then some moveable objects, which are still dealt with by the static directional light.