How to know wether function replicated or not?

Hi devs , how i can know wether a variable or a function is replicated inside of Engie classes such as AActor,APawn ,AGameMode etc .
for instance : There is a AActor::Destroyed() function and function definition looks like this
virtual void Destroyed();

no any “Server/Client/NetMulticast” macros set , but it replicated function which will be called on Server and Clients.
how can i know wether a certain function replicated or not ?

Well, actually, replicated function is declared with UFUNCTION macro with any of replication type (also, all replicated functions has their implementation declared as _Implementation).
About virtual void Destroyed(); - it’s not a replicated function itself. Maybe I don’t understand something, but seems this function calls from UWorld::DestroyActor which receives request of destroying this actor from this actor and (if it’s on server) creates a call to all clients to destroy this actor. So non-replicated virtual void Destroyed(); calls locally on all players from another internal replicated call. (I hope I managed to explain what I mean)