How to keep High Quality for Characters From Daz Import?

Hey I successfully imported a Daz character into Unreal using the Daz to Unreal bridge.

The only issue I have is that I wanted to use the Daz models for it’s really great textures and graphical qualities but that doesn’t seem to translate, it looks like a low res model in Unreal. I know that Unreal is capable of fantastic graphical quality so I’m confused. Is there any way to get the daz models high quality translated into Unreal?

Hi, I was thinking about the same issue. were you able to find solutions to it?


From my personal experience I can say that the best workflow and cinematic quality is to export from Daz to Blender Genesis 2,3,8 character in FBX format and then add “mdd” animation made in DAZ. Only in this way you it can avoid body distortions and a thousand other problems.
Subsequently export alembic to unreal. Here you have to create all materials including those for the eyes, there is no need to replace them. Just create the right material. The alembic format is indispensable for complex and extreme poses and animations. Of course I tried exporting FBX animations from Blender
with use of diffeomorphic but the results are not so good.
There are too many deformations and other problems.
I am attaching some pictures of my work.
Of course I have to do right lighting. This I use only for demonstration purpose.
Best regards

For the desperate ones who will land on this page like me, Lol the answer is simple: in the daztounreal plugin and after having named the element to transfer, tick "Bake sudivision " and click on “Subdivision bake level” to adjust the level of each part of your Character that must be High res.
it goes up to 4, but for me it’s perfect to 2. Have fun :wink: