How to keep Blueprint Alive Throughout the game lifecycle


Quick Question. How do I keep a Blueprint alive throughout the game life cycle.

Basically my blueprint calls some functions of a cpp class which takes care of networking (TCP/IP) and I can’t create sockets again and again for every map. So I want to keep blueprint alive throughout the game and use its functions whenever required.

I am a newbie in Unreal4. In Unity I used to do Don’tDestroyOnLoad for Gameobjects for this type of purpose.
Please help me out on this.

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if you write the functions you need access to throughout the entire game in a GameInstance class, then in your project settings, in maps & modes, set your GameInstance class to the custom one you created, you’ll be able to do what you are asking about.

Thanks man thats what I was looking for. I am moving my blueprint content which I want to keep in GameInstance Class. :slight_smile:

So I did what you suggested. Its working in a way but my blueprint wants a reference to an item in scene and I want to keep that item in all levels without losing its references, values. How can I do it?