How to interact with weapon slide/chamber in VR?

Hello, I am working on a VR Coop Game that is primarily a shooter (Players vs AI). I have most of the base gameplay functions working (shooting via projectiles, handling weapons via either hand/second hand aiming assist, unloading/reloading magazines, spawning magazines depending on weapon held, player movement and teleportation, climbing, etc.)

I was hoping someone would be able to help get me started on understanding how to animate the skel mesh of the weapons to react to the second hand in order to chamber the next bullet or unload the current one (“clock the weapon” is what we call it around here). I don’t have any animation for the weapon to pull back the slide or have any idea on how to start that. Any and all advice, tutorials, or help is welcome. I’m working mostly in C++ but, I can recode from blueprint examples if needed.

Thanks in advance!

Did you solve the problem?

Never did. Stopped looking.